A COMMUNITY group in Whitchurch has expressed its shock and sadness after flowers it planted in the town centre were uprooted and stolen.

Whitchurch Inner Wheel Club had worked with the town's Rotary Club on planting flowers around the town. 

The group has planted and maintained flowers in the town for many years.

But in recent weeks the group has seen a number of the flowers it has planted pilfered by mysterious parties, removing them from the scene.


They are not being ripped out by vandals and scattered on the street, but taken out roots and all and whisked away from the scene.

Inner Wheel president Clair Schafer said the plants were coming on before they were stolen.

She said: "They are lovely plants and were coming on just beautifully.

"Last week I think we lost a dozen plants which had just been taken out.

"The sneaky people are not just taking them out in a little heap or a row.

"They are taking them randomly thinking we won't notice.

"But it leaves holes. This morning we went up and there were another six or eight which had gone."

Clair said Inner Wheel and the Rotary Club had worked hard on planting and maintaining the beds.

Whitchurch Herald: The group has spend a lot of time to carry out the planting and maintenance.The group has spend a lot of time to carry out the planting and maintenance. (Image: Walter and Claire Schafer)

"To start with you feel very cross that people would do it," she added.

"And then you feel very sad because it is spoiling all the hard work which people have put in.

"You feel sad that there are people who think that way and will just not be troubled about spoiling someone's efforts like that."

The Inner Wheel president added: "We look after that area at the traffic lights including that lovely rose bed.

"We do the tubs in the bull ring and the lovely gardens at the junction in Pepper Street and Castle Hill.

"We look after all of those and try to keep them looking nice. We are having to go three days a week to do the watering. Then there is weeding and tidying up.

Whitchurch Herald: The group has done planting for many years.The group has done planting for many years. (Image: Walter and Clair Schafer)

"There are a number of people giving their time very regularly to keep the gardens looking nice even after we have planted up."

Clair said the maintained flower beds help keep the town looking spruce during the summer.

The Inner Wheel president added: "It is all about having pride in the town and making the town look nice.

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"So everyone can enjoy it.

"One of the things we really do appreciate, and it makes it all worthwhile, is when people have a word and say how nice everything looks.

"And they really do appreciate it looking nice rather than being full of weeds."