A tourist attraction on the outskirts of Whitchurch has seen a strong turnout since it reopened a popular addition for the summer season.

Alderford Lake in Tilstock Road re-opened its aquapark at the end of April and since then has seen many numerous visitors come and enjoy it.

The team at the lake said they expect to receive even more visitors with the half-term holidays coming up.

Sales and marketing manager Zoe Watson added: "It has been open for a couple of weekends now.


"But going into half-term it is due to get busier and should be really good.

"It has seen really good numbers and people are excited to get back. Last weekend was the best we had seen so far."

The site draws in many people from Whitchurch and the surrounding area, but also from further afield.

Zoe added: "I think people are desperate to come down and enjoy the nice weather.

"We get a mixture of people from Shrewsbury and Telford but also from Whitchurch and the surrounding area."

The aquapark, which is an inflatable playground on the lake that you can climb, jump and bounce around, first opened in 2021 and has proved a big hit since then with visitors.

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Zoe said: "It started in 2021, but it has got bigger and holds more people than it used to. It has grown every year.

"I think it has become one of the things we have become known for and we are really pleased with how it's done."

To find out more and to book a slot to take on the aquapark, visit alderford.com/activity/aquapark