The creation of a long-awaited mini roundabout on a main road in Whitchurch is still a top priority, Shropshire Council’s highways chief has promised.

The assurance was offered in response to concerns voiced by Whitchurch North councillor Thomas Biggins over delays to the scheme, which was agreed as a condition of the planning permission for the Talbot Manor estate off Alport Road back in 2014.

Work on the development began in 2020 but the promised roundabout, at the nearby junction of Claypit Street, London Road and Brownlow Street, is still yet to appear.

Councillor Biggins pressed the authority for a timeline of the roundabout works in a question submitted ahead of a full council meeting next week.

He said he had raised the issue at a council meeting back in February 2022 but no date was provided, and “still no date has been forthcoming” in the 15 months since.

“I would therefore like to ask the same question again”, Councillor Biggins said.

“If the developer had not agreed to this planning condition in the first instance the planning consent would not have been granted.

“At present the programmed resurfacing of London Road is being held up as it would be a waste of valuable resources to resurface the road and then dig it all up again to install the mini roundabout.

“Can the council please confirm a date from the developer when this planning condition will finally be discharged?”

Councillor Richard Marshall, cabinet member for highways, said that while no date could be given yet, discussions were going on behind the scenes with the developer to progress the project.

He said there had been no breach of planning control as the details of the roundabout had been agreed, “but there was no date for the implementation of the works within the condition”.

Councillor Marshall continued: “It is fair to say that the condition was necessary to make the development acceptable, but there is nothing outstanding to enforce from a planning perspective.

“However, the council and the developer are committed to completing the roundabout in a timely fashion.”

Councillor Marshall said the council had encountered “difficulties” drawing up the required ‘section 278 agreement’, but that this had now been done and was with the applicant’s solicitor.

He added: “We have been in contact with their engineer to liaise with our area coordination officer to book the road space for the scheme.

“We cannot at this point in time confirm a date but we will continue to pursue the matter.

“I give my commitment to continue to liaise with council officers, to ensure that this project is completed and I assure Councillor Biggins, that it will remain extremely high on my priority list until it is satisfied.”

The original planning approval in 2014 stipulated that the designs for the roundabout must be agreed by the council before work could begin on the scheme.

However this was later changed to allow building to get underway, to instead require that the designs be agreed before any of the homes are occupied.