Usual Saturday BBC programs Football Focus and Final Score have been scrapped today as presenters withdraw from their broadcasting duties as the fallout from the Gary Lineker row continues.

Former England player, Alex Scott, and fellow presenter Kelly Somers both took to social media this morning to say they wouldn't be broadcasting their usual BBC program, Football Focus today.

In a tweet, Scott said: “I made a decision last night that even though I love my show and we have had an incredible week winning an SJA for football focus that it doesn’t feel right for me to go ahead with the show today.

"Hopefully I will be back in the chair next week.”

Somers added: "Just to confirm I won’t be on BBC television today."

While Final Score presenter, Jason Mohammad, revealed he wouldn't be on screen today either. 

In a tweet, Mohammad said: "Morning all. As you know, Final Score is a TV show very close to my heart.

"However - I have this morning informed the BBC that I will not be presenting the show this afternoon on BBC One."

Pundit Glenn Murray has also pulled out of appearing on Football Focus and Final Score today.

The former Brighton striker, on Twitter, said: "Was meant to be up in Media City today but reflecting last night I felt it was the right thing to do to step away from Focus & Score today.

"Hoping normal service resumes next week."

Who else has shown support for Gary Lineker?

The four join a growing list of presenters that have boycotted their BBC duties today. 

This follows the announcement the BBC had forced former English footballer and OBE Lineker to step down from presenting Match of the Day due to remarks made on social media during the week, criticising the government's new asylum policy.

Former England footballers and MOTD regulars including Alan Shearer and Ian Wright announced last night they would be boycotting the show.

Whitchurch Herald: Ian Wright has shown his support for Gary Lineker by boycotting Match of the DayIan Wright has shown his support for Gary Lineker by boycotting Match of the Day (Image: PA)

Current players are also getting behind Lineker refusing to be a part of interviews for today's Match of the Day - which is going ahead without pundits.

A spokesman for the Professional Footballers’ Association said: “We have been informed that players involved in today’s games will not be asked to participate in interviews with Match Of The Day.

“The PFA have been speaking to members who wanted to take a collective position and to be able to show their support for those who have chosen not to be part of tonight’s programme."

Viewers cancelled their TV licence fee in response to the BBC's decision last night.

While an online petition calling for Gary Lineker to be reinstated in his post on Match Of The Day, has reached 100,000 signatures (as of this morning).

The petition, organised by The Daily Mirror on Friday, reached its initial target in under 10 hours.

What did Gary Lineker say?

On Tuesday (March 7) Lineker commented on a Twitter video put out by Home Secretary Suella Braverman, in which she unveiled government plans to stop migrant boats crossing the Channel.

Whitchurch Herald: Gary Lineker was last night forced to step down from his presenter role with Match of the Day.Gary Lineker was last night forced to step down from his presenter role with Match of the Day. (Image: PA)

“Good heavens, this is beyond awful,” he wrote.

Responding to the sports broadcaster, another Twitter user described his comment as “out of order”, adding that it was “easy to pontificate when it doesn’t affect you”.

Lineker responded: “There is no huge influx. We take far fewer refugees than other major European countries.

“This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s, and I’m out of order?”