We all love making snowmen when the cold weather sets in – but how about this snow BEAR?

The bear was made on a freezing cold morning outside St Alkmund's Church in Church Street – and mirrored the sign on the nearby Black Bear pub at the top of High Street.

The pub's manager Gemma Dimelow was pleased with the creation and explained that Whitchurch has a long connection with bears.

She explained: "It was really complementary and very nice.

"It was built by Lee Jones from the Antiques Centre. He came into the pub, halfway through building it, he initially intended to build a rabbit.

"The staff asked him why he would do that and said Whitchurch is all about bears.

"We have the White Bear pub at the bottom of High Street and the Black Bear at the top.

"Originally there used to be bear fighting near the clock tower back in the day.

"Whitchurch has a long history with bears. We are very proud he decided to choose a bear instead."

Gemma confirmed the bear has been well received by people in the town.

She explained: "On Facebook, it has received about 230 likes and Instagram it has received about 150.

"People have been been saying about how it has, made them smile as they have walked past.

"It is a nice little thing and it has been doing well. We have just been very flattered Lee decided to something opposite the Black Bear."

Gemma spoke about how pub staff had enjoyed playing with the snow bear.

She said: "The staff found it really fun.

"They put coal in for eyes in it to finish it off."