THE NEW LANDLORDS of a much-loved Whitchurch pub are delighted to be opening its doors to people after a stressful few days.

Samantha Allen and her partner Harry Richardson officially opened the doors of Old Town Hall Vaults in St Mary's Street on Monday, January 16.

Samantha and Harry have taken over from Gary and Caz Colbourne who ran the pub for five and a half years and they have been busy while preparing to open the pub.

Samantha said: "It has been a stressful day, just getting little bits done. But it is nice because people are coming in.

"They are excited because the pub is open again."

The new landlords explained the moving and preparation had been stressful.

The pub already had customers in not long after it opened and Samantha expected the number to increase.

Samantha, who worked in the pub under its previous landlords, added: "Everyone we have seen in town has said they will come and see us at some point.

"We have got family coming as well."

The first-time landlords are not daunted by the challenge ahead, saying they "have not really thought about it", and instead feeling grateful for the support they have received from local people ahead of the pub's opening.

Samantha confirmed the pub would be hosting events, including live music.

"We are hoping to keep on doing the quiz nights, it will probably start again next month," she said.

"There will be various things throughout the year.

"We plan to utilise the outside space for things like hog roasts and barbecues.

"And if we can do it for a charity, it helps. There are lots of ideas.

"It is just planning when we will do them and who we will do them for."