A WHITCHURCH Town councillor is set to take part on one of Britain's most notorious reality television series as he pits his business wits against other entrepreneurs on The Apprentice.

Councillor Gregory Ebbs will be facing down businessman and peer Lord Sugar when he takes part in the new series of The Apprentice which starts on Thursday, January 5.

Cllr Ebbs is the owner of Raven Yard Antiques, an online business in Watergate in Whitchurch, and describes himself as having previously been a professional cannon firer.

The councillor, who represents South Ward on Whitchurch Town Council, describes his unique selling position as being able to think outside the box and try out new and different things.

He added: "I think I’ve got a really clear vision of what I want in the future and that is substantiated from having diverse experience in different fields and my willingness to try things that very few people will do."

Cllr Ebbs said being 'unusual' might be his biggest weakness.

He added: "My biggest weakness, some could call a strength in my opinion, is sometimes being a little too unusual.

Whitchurch Herald:

"Some people might think, ‘why did you go to Malta to fire cannons when you could be earning so much more in the City of London?’

"But I would say, a willingness to try different things and not being afraid to be slightly different is one of my biggest strengths."

Cllr Ebbs, who has sold to customers in the US, feels he deserves Lord Sugar's investment because of his experience and his use of e-commerce.


He said: "I deserve Lord Sugar’s investment because I’ve got the experience and the vision to push my business forward and make it a resounding success.

"I think the chances of making this business super successful is greater than anybody else’s, because it’s such a fantastic principle.

"I think I’m leading the way in e-commerce for antiques."

Cllr Ebbs, who is listed as a 25-year-old a military antiques expert on Whitchurch Town Council's website, also describes himself as a web designer and entrepreneur who has lived in Wales, Malta, Thailand and Poland.

Other candidates this year include city banker Avi Sharma, Worcestershire-based former safari guide Joseph Phillips, and Yorkshire sweet shop owner Megan Hornby.