PLANS to build a steel framed extension for a shelter that houses deer at a Whitchurch farm owned by a Shropshire councillor have been put forward.

The plans for the shelter at Dearnford Hall, off Tilstock Road and owned by Councillor Tom Biggins, were submitted to Shropshire Council on Monday, November 21.

According to documents submitted with the planning, the extension to the shelter would enable the deer herd to come and go as they please, and would also store food and straw.

A planning statement said: “The proposed end extension has been designed to increase the existing shelter capacity for the large deer herd belonging to the applicants at Dearnford Hall, which is paramount to their welfare.

“Provisions have also been made to store up to 20 tonnes of wheat and/or barley straw which at present is stored outside.

“This typically designed shelter in the form of a steel framed portal, provides the deer herd with a protected open area to roam freely in and out of the shelter as they please.


“The design also allows for the storage of 20 tonnes of wheat and/or barley straw.”

The consultation period for the application closes on Thursday, December 1 and a decision could be made up to three weeks after.

For more, head to Shropshire Council’s Planning Portal and search 22/05265/AGR.