A THEME park outside Whitchurch will be presenting 'the biggest Christmas pudding' at its first ever Christmas event.

BeWILDerwood Cheshire will be hosting its first ever Christmas event 'BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas - A Sparkley Light and Panto Trail' from Tuesday, December 2 to Friday, December 23.

People have been encouraged to come and see the pudding and see a pantomime and meet Santa Claus.

A spokesperson for the park said: "As the woods fill with festive lights and wonderfully wonky Christmas decorations, a ginormous Christmas pudding has appeared to.

"The Boggles and Twiggles of BeWILDerwood think it is the biggest Christmas pudding they have seen standing tall and we think they might be right.

"See the Christmas pudding for yourself, as well as all the well-loved BeWILDerwood characters and lots more as you explore this brand new Christmas event.

"Discover a sparkly light trail, exploring new pathways exclusive to the event.

"Watch a mini 10 minute BeWILDermas pantomime and catch a glimpse of Santa Claus himself.

"With a special gift to take home for all children, 'BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas' is sure to be your new Christmas tradition."

BeWILDerwood was created by author Tom Blofeld and he hopes people will visit the park every Christmas.

He added: "The book introduces some new characters to the woods and you will see hints of the new story along the route.

"The event brings the magic of Christmas and the magic of BeWILDerwood together and we are extremely excited for visitors to celebrate this special time of the year with us.

"Think about all your favourite festive treats and traditions, snowmen, Christmas crackers, candy canes and of course a giant Christmas pudding which really is a must see.

"We really hope visitors new and old will join us and see the woods transformed for Christmas.

"It is the first time we have done Christmas in BeWILDerwood and we hope it will become a tradition for families.

"It is set to be the most wholesome event around, that is for sure."

To find out more visit https://cheshire.bewilderwood.co.uk/