The Met Office has recorded the coldest night of the season so far with temperatures expected to drop in the coming weeks across the UK. 

The national weather service reported that temperatures dropped to a freezing -3.8C on Friday night (October 14).

The weather forecaster noted that the chilly conditions were found in the Aberdeenshire village Aboyne around half midnight. 

It added that conditions improved shortly after with temperatures "rising again as cloud and rain moved in from the west".

Met Office records coldest night of the season in the UK

Brits have been adjusting to the colder weather as we officially entered Autumn at the end of September but it appears that winter is well and truly coming. 

According to its long range forecast, the next couple of weeks will see a series of bands of rain as they spread northeastwards through the country.

There will be higher pressure to the northeast of the UK which means the weather will be a bit more settled but we should expect some isolated mist or fog possible in eastern and northern areas.

Looking to the southwest, low pressure is expected to bring stronger winds and outbreaks of rain.

Towards the end of October, this low pressure system is expected to move northeastward and is predicted to bring periods of cloud and rain, and stronger winds for many. 

When will it snow in the UK? See Met Office long forecast

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The Met Office predicts that western and southern areas are likely to be mild and there will be some locally colder spells in the northeast.

Although the beginning of November is predicted to bring drier and more settled conditions, the nights will definitely be colder.

It adds that there is a chance of mist, fog, or even frost overnight.

However daytime temperatures are expected to be around normal for the time of year.