A YOUNG Wem cyclocross star has had more success in competitions and has been supported in his efforts by a local Wem business.

Isaac Vickery recently made it four from four in the West Midlands Cyclocross League winning round three at Seven Valley Highley and round four at Redditch and he has been supported by Fenwick's Ltd, a cleaning products supplier based in Soulton Road which has helped keep his bike in good condition.

Cyclocross often takes place in muddy conditions and being able to win a race means keeping the bike in good order.

Isaac's father Richard said he spends time cleaning and maintaining his son's bike to make sure it is ready to race.

He explained: "You can only win a cycle race if you bike is in good order so I spend hours cleaning and maintaining Isaac’s bikes so that they are ready to race.

"Fenwick’s produce innovative cleaning and maintenance products for cyclists and it just so happens that they are based in Wem.

"I met Fenwick’s owner Jon Smith by chance at a local bike race and after watching Isaac race Jon suggested that I popped in to the warehouse to see him.

"You can imagine Dad’s face when he say what Jon had put in a box for Isaac.

"I will enjoy washing the bikes even more now and cant wait to try the special spray that Jon says stops mud sticking to the bike.

"Such generosity towards Isaac is amazing as Fenwick’s usually support superstars like Zoe Backstedt, the current double Junior World Champion."

You can follow Fenwick's via https://www.facebook.com/FenwicksCaravan/