CIVIL unrest in 19th century Whitchurch will be the subject of a talk from a visiting archivist from Shropshire Council on Tuesday.

Sara Downs will be giving a talk on Tuesday, October 4 about the unrest in 1831 which led to fields in Whitchurch being set alight and the perpetrators subsequently being executed.

The talk will give an insight into social unrest, which was sparked by poor conditions in the agricultural industry and people will be able to examine many documents.

A spokesman for Shropshire Council said the talk will cover a variety of points and will be fascinating to those interested.

They said: "Archivists are putting the spotlight on civil unrest in 1831 which saw fields around Whitchurch set alight and the perpetrators’ subsequent trial and execution in Shrewsbury.

"Shropshire Council archivist Sara Downs is delving into the records to explore the case surrounding James Lea and Joseph Grindley, who set fire to hay bales as part of civil unrest sparked by poor conditions affecting the agricultural industry.

"Her talk will give a fascinating insight into the social unrest of the time, as well as early firefighting efforts.

"There will also be chance to examine a range of documents, including accounts of the trial and execution."

The talk is at Shropshire Archives from 10.30am until midday and costs £5.

The talk is part of events connected to 'Fire,' a free exhibition currently being held in Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.