AN APPLICATION to turn a former hair salon into a tapas and wine bar in Wem has been refused by Shropshire Council amid concerns over noise issues.

Applicant Callum McCarthy hoped to turn 49 High Street into a bar which would be open seven days a week from 9am until 12.30am.

Mr McCarthy gained a premises licence after providing details of conditions which the bar would have to adhere to.

The application was supported by Wem Town Council which felt it would boost the night time economy in the town – but planners turned the plans down.

The town clerk of Wem Town Council, Penny O'Hagan said: "Wem Town Council supports the application as it will benefit the night time economy of the town."

However, case officer for Shropshire Council, Allison Lloyd, said the application was opposed by Sally Edwards who gave noise issues as one of the main ones.

Ms Lloyd added: "Public representations were received with one opposing it.

"Concerns were raised with regards to potential unauthorised internal works being carried out.

"Noise impact to neighbouring residents and potential harm to pedestrians accessing the right from the highway were also raised."

Mr McCarthy also indicated he wanted to take ownership of the site and a public protection officer said it would have to be linked to someone not connected to the bar.

They added: "If the residential property above the proposed bar is going to be the manager's accommodation this will not need to be considered but it will need to be linked to the proposed use so it cannot be occupied by a person not connected with the bar use.

"If the residential use above is linked to the bar use this removes the concern regarding the amenity of that flat.

"However, there are still residential properties in the vicinity which could be impacted by noise, particularly if music is played."

Ms Lloyd concluded the applicant had not given sufficient information to overcome concerns about noise complaints.

She added: "The proposed tapas/wine bar use raises concerns with regards to the potential noise and disturbance caused to neighbouring and nearby local residential amenities, insufficient information has been provided in support of this application to overcome these concerns and demonstrate otherwise."

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