A PAIR of tennis stars for the future have announced their arrival by winning county singles championships for their under-11 age range.

Maddie Crabb, from Whitchurch, and Austin Edwards – from Prees – both won their titles at the Shropshire County Singles Championships recently.

They both play at the Hollies, in Chester Road, and Mel Gilbert, from the club, said they were delighted and proud to host the two winners who she says have the right attitude for the future.


She added: "Hollies Lawn Tennis Club is very proud to announce that Maddie Crabb (Whitchurch) and Austin Edwards (Prees) both won the U11 Shropshire county singles championships for 2022.

"A record breaking achievement for the Hollies Lawn Tennis Club.

"They have both worked incredibly hard to win this title, not a day goes by without seeing one of them on the tennis court practising.

"Their hard work, determination and skill has paid off today.

"Well done Austin and Maddie."