A BOOK on the history of a town near Whitchurch in the medieval period has been launched by a historical society.

The author, Matt Bazley, wrote 'An Edition of the Accounts of the Manor of Bickley' which informs readers about the history Bickley in Cheshire and about how it was administered by its lords in the Middle Ages.

The book was published by the regional history organisation, the Chetham Society, and was launched by the society's president, Professor Paul Fouracre, emeritus professor of medieval history at the University of Manchester.

The society's general editor, Professor Tim Thornton, said the book offers in sights into farming and other industries.

He added: "The book’s contents range widely, offering insights into the farming and other industries of the period, and the relationship of the local community with its lords and the government.


"Professor Fouracre welcomed the book as a ‘further significant contribution to the Society’s work in publishing on the regional history of the North West."

Matt is an archivist who trained in the the University of Liverpool and works the the UK Government and he said it provides an insight into life in Cheshire.

He added: "This is a fascinating set of documents providing insights into the life of ordinary people in southern Cheshire in the medieval period.

"Accounts of this type are very rare for Cheshire, and so it is exciting to be able to make them available to a wider audience."

The book is priced at £39.95, but available until the end of September at the special launch price of £25 from Professor Thornton who can be contacted via t.j.thornton@hud.ac.uk