AS workers across the country keep going despite the hot weather a young boy from Whitchurch has been doing his bit to help them stay cool.

Four-year-old Lucas Edge has been out handing cold cans of pop to postmen and binmen working through the hot temperatures.

As well as handing the drinks to the waste collectors on Thursday, Lucas could also be seen waiting for the postman to come by on Friday so that he could hand out more refreshments.

His mother, Dani, said it is not the first time her son has served drinks and snacks to workmen, and that he enjoys doing so.


She said: "He loves the binmen and postmen, we always feed them.

"He is forever giving the postman ice-lollies, drinks and chocolates.

"The binmen, we give them chocolates over Christmas.

"He does enjoy giving things out. We just think with the hot weather, obviously they are working hard.

"We just came back from our walk yesterday and the binmen were coming round and I asked him if the binmen would want a drink and he said 'yeah' and we got all three of them a cold can out of the fridge."

She added: "They just appreciate it so much, the man really was so grateful.

"I messaged it to Shropshire Council, they like to see their workers being looked after.

"Hopefully other people will think and go and offer them a drink.

"They deserve it, they work hard."