Name: Janet Proudlove

Business Name: Age of Elegance

Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 10am till approximately 3pm.

When did you open your business and why?

I opened 30 plus years ago and because I bought a little business on the market stalls, Whitchurch Market.

I enjoyed it so I then purchased the shop.

Why this location?

I just like the high street.

It has got a good vibe, plenty of people walk past up to the church, up to Etzio, the garage at the top.

I just like it up here.

We have got the car park opposite, the layby is opposite for people to just pull in.

People window shop at night and see it in the window and then pop back in for it or send her husband in for it.

Tell us about your business?

When I first opened I sold Royal Doultons, Masons, Swarovski crystals, all the brand new good makes.

And then of course we had a recession after that.

My husband already restored furniture and he was in Church Stretton.

So we decided to totally revamp the shop.

Put in all his old furniture in, old ornaments and things like that to go with it.

And it just took off from there really.

We have done that for years now, at least 25 years.

So that is what we do.

We don't do much furniture now because we are getting old and we don't want to load it and unload it and all the rest of it.

So I just do what in the trade we call smalls, which is something small enough to go in somebody's bag.

One day you can sell a lot of Doultons and Beswicks.

Another day it will be Crown Dot.

Depends on what you have got in.

It depends on who is about and who collects what.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

We have had lots and lots of lovely moments, people coming from all over the world, visitors and things.

We get lots and lots of visitors from outside Whitchurch.

We get people from Market Drayton, Audlem, Nantwich, Malpas and further afield.

We have got regular customers from Southport who come in once a month.

They will come to Whitchurch for a day out because they have got nice places to eat.

There are plenty of individual shops for them to look round, so they will spend a day here.

We do very well, always have done really.

That's the wonder of being here.

My boys are still in Whitchurch, our families are in Whitchurch, I love it.

What has been your strangest request?

One day a long time ago, a lady called in and said do you wrap Christmas presents.

I said I did and she went down the road, Woolworths was open at the time.

She did all her shopping in Woolworths and, came back, dumped all the bags on the floor and ask me to wrap it.

I said she was supposed to buy the stuff from here for me to wrap.

Her response was "you said you would wrap it."

It was a bit strange really, I could not believe it.

It is a shop, you can get all sorts in.

The door is always open.