A WHITCHURCH artist is running a project which aims to promote body positivity for women and girls.

The 'I Am Woman' project is being run by Lisa Lochhead and the event is being held on Sunday, August 28 in the Civic Centre in High Street in Whitchurch.

Lisa developed the project as a positive and creative response to the fear and distortion about the female body some young women face today.

Lisa said woman and girls are bombarded with many unreal representations and expectations.

She added: "Women and girls are bombarded with unreal representations and opinions about the female body.

"Which can make it increasingly hard to accept our bodies.

"How it looks, how it develops and how it changes and ages.

"In amongst a growing world of distortion and denial of the biological reality of woman and womanhood.

"My aim is to provide a safe, nurturing space where they can explore their relationship with their body in a fun, creative way, and discover how truly beautiful they are.

"The initial vision for the project is as a series of art days across the UK.

"The women and girls draw an outline around their body to create a life size image, then paint/collage it with mixed materials to represent how they feel about their body.

"The completed artwork will then form an ‘I Am Woman’ exhibition at each location on the same day in early 2023."

Mike McDonald, the town clerk for Whitchurch Town Council congratulated Lisa on the project.

He added: "It is so important for us, as a town council, to support our community in an inclusive way and at the same time focus on an obligation to tackle social inequalities.

"We congratulate Lisa on creating this project, aimed not only at encouraging empowerment, but women’s health and wellbeing in general."

You can find out more by visiting https://www.lisalochhead.com/i-am-woman or email lisa@lisalochead.com