CONCERNS have been raised over the state of the swimming pool in Wem and injuries that could be caused by broken tiles.

Councillors shared their concerns during the town council's recent meeting last Thursday (July 28).

In particular, they feared people could cut themselves badly on the sharp edges in the pool.

The council agreed on a need to look at what can be done to deal with any safety issues in the pool which is located in the Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre in Bowens Field.

The town clerk of Wem Town Council, Penny O'Hagan reassured councillors that the issues raised were being dealt with but also warned repairs will cost a significant amount of money.

She added: "Everything raised is being dealt with. Looking at the pool empty, there is a stability problem, screws are coming up.

"We have got a plan in place for an inspection.

"Our options are re-tiling the entire pool or adding liner. I am expecting quotes for that.

"I urge you to pop down and have a chat, it is going to be a significant amount of money."

The Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre is community run and it makes money through swimming lessons and its use by schools in the area.

It also makes money through the membership fees paid by its members.