A POPULAR lake outside of Whitchurch has banned young people aged between 12 and 17 from visiting unaccompanied due to reports of anti-social behaviour.

Alderford Lake announced it was tightening security measures due to staff members suffering abuse over the past two weeks and announced young people between the ages of 12 and 17 would need an adult aged 25 or over with them at all times on site.

The measures were implemented at the lake on Tuesday, July 19.

A statement from the lake's owners said there was no alternative but to implement the measures.

The statement added: "Alderford strives to be a family destination. We love watching families come together, enjoy the lake, and activities, to make special memories which will last forever.

"Unfortunately our team (and a small amount of customers) have suffered so much abuse over the last two weeks.

"We have no other option than tightening our security measures.

"Any persons aged between 12 and17 will need an adult aged at least 25 with them at all times whilst on site.

"At least one 25+ aged adult can attend with every four minors.

"Challenge 25 will be implemented so please ensure you have ID."

The spokesperson reminded visitors that alcohol could not be brought onsite.

They said: "No alcohol can be brought onsite at anytime.

"Alcohol can be purchased from our outlets where challenge 25 and lake entry can be monitored.

"No glass or metal food accessories will be allowed through admissions.

"This includes perfume and food stored in glass containers.

"Picnics are still welcome just please bring disposable or reusable plastic food storage and condiments."

The lake said bag searches will be carried out by security guards.

The spokesperson added: "Bag searches will be conducted by a team of security guards before entering.

"We appreciate this will frustrate many people.

"95 per cent of our customers are amazing but unfortunately again it’s those small minority that ruin it for everyone else."

The lake said it appreciated most youngsters simply wanted to enjoy the facility but added safety of staff and customers was a priority.

The spokesperson added: "We apologise to those good kids out there (because there are lots of them) that just genuinely want to come and enjoy the facility.

"But for everyone’s sake enough is enough.

"We love to see kids enjoying themselves and we want to continue to see this but as we’re sure everyone can appreciate, safety of our staff and customers remain our number one priority, no one deserves what our team have seen over the last few weeks, especially the last 24 hours."