A FLOWER club in Malpas welcomed two florists who have worked at famous events, such as the Chelsea Flower Show and Wimbledon, for its last meeting until September.

Kate Russel and Patti Dawson come from Wirral and Cumbria, respectively, and were at Malpas Flower Club's meeting which took place on Monday, June 20 to give their talk, 'High Society.'

A spokeswoman for Malpas Flower Club, June Davies said the talk was enjoyable.

She added: "Their number one arrangement was Chelsea Flower Show where they told us stories of past shows.

"The second one was Wimbledon talking about the change in players dress over the years and their flower arrangement was red and white depicting strawberries and cream.

"The third was Royal Ascot where they discussed the dress, rules, and behaviours in the past and their demo was a hat dressed I flowers.

"The fourth one was Henley royal Regatta with a lovely arrangement and told of previous years.

"The fifth one was the Glorious Twelfth where the end of season shooting lodges opened and at Balmoral there were balls depicted in their flower arrangement.

"They were funny and knowledgeable and everyone enjoyed it."

The club's next meeting will be on Monday, September 19 in Jubilee Hall at 2pm.

You can find out more about Malpas Flower Club by emailing junedaviesuk@aol.com