THE MP for North Shropshire, Helen Morgan, has put forward a motion in Parliament calling for Whitchurch driving test centre to be rescued.

The Liberal Democrat MP tabled the motion which urges the Department for Transport and the DVSA to work with Whitchurch Town Council and accept its offer of an alternative site in the town.

The motion thanked Whitchurch Town Council for its hard work in providing an alternative site.

Ms Morgan said North Shropshire is losing important local facilities.

She added: "Whitchurch Town Council and the campaigners here have done a fantastic job of proposing a realistic alternative facility to keep a testing centre open in the town.

"But now the Government must clarify its position and confirm the Whitchurch driving test centre will reopen.

"Communities in North Shropshire are losing vital local facilities from swimming pools and leisure centres through to bus services and it is having a harmful impact.

"The Conservatives have the power to keep this test centre open and protect an important service here.

"I strongly urge them to listen to residents here and work with Whitchurch Town Council to provide the additional driving testing we urgently need."