ANGRY residents have hit out at a council after their road was closed for repairs five years because of burrowing badgers.

Alex White from Wirswall has formally complained to Cheshire East Council over Wirswall Road in Marbury being closed since September 2017.

Residents have been able to access their homes but parts of the road have been covered with metal sheeting – and Alex said the local community is fed up of waiting for action to be taken.

"Cheshire East Council shut the road and put the signs up in 2017 because there are some badgers down the lane and the roads collapsed because of it," he said.

"All of the neighbours have been going on about it since 2017.

"I have just got to the point where I just do not know what to do, we have gone to them and given a formal complaint.

"They won't tell us why no work is being done."

Alex said the road being shut impacted on families in the area, including his own.

He explained: "The whole community up here, all of us have really struggled with this road being shut.

"My sister was pregnant, she needed an ambulance and the ambulance driver did not know they had access to the road so they tried to go round which meant it took 40 minutes for the ambulance to come.

"The council won't tell us when it is going to do the road works, so we have to drive over metal sheeting which is now the road.

"I just went to collect my nephew, the council just say it is safe enough for us to drive over the road but not safe enough for the road to be open."

Cheshire East Council said it hopes the works will be completed in November.

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said: "The carriageway has been weakened by wildlife activity and the work needed to rebuild and re-open the road is governed by strict guidelines and legislation protecting the wildlife.

"Due to the nature of the issue, work can only be carried out at specific times of the year and this can further hold up progress.

"The council understands this situation is frustrating for local residents and highway users but we would like to assure you that the council is liaising with experts to move this matter forward, within the constraints of the law, so the road can be reopened.

"There are complexities relating to the repairs, but it is hoped the works will be completed by the end of November.

"The closure has been implemented to reduce the volume of traffic using the road.

"However, residents can still access their properties and the metal sheeting is in place for safety reasons."