SHROPSHIRE Council has granted planning permission for an extension in a property in Wem after it was judged to be in 'scale and character with the original building'.

Dan and Emma Minshall will be able to build a two-storey rear extension and installation of new door/window unit in the side elevation to the property in Roundhill in Soulton Road.

The application was supported by Wem Town Council who called it 'of an appropriate scale'.

Wem Town Council town clerk, Penny O'Hagan, said: "Wem Town Council supports the application as they consider it to be a development of an appropriate scale for the property."

Tracey Darke, the assistant director of economy and place for Shropshire Council said no concerns were raised over impact on neighbouring properties.

She added: "The proposals are to the rear of the property and therefore will only be slightly visible from the street scene due to the openness of the east elevation to the highway, with that being said no concerns are raised in relation to the proposed two storey extension having an impact on the street scene as the proposals will visually fit in with the existing dwelling.

"No concerns are raised over impact on the neighbouring properties due to the position of the proposed extension.

"No side (east) elevation windows are proposed on the first floor and therefore it is not deemed that the proposal will cause any impact in relation to overlooking or loss of light."

Ms Darke concluded there was no demonstrable harm.

She said: "The works are judged to be in scale and character with the original building and of no demonstrable harm in terms of visual impact.

"No significant harm is considered to arise to the neighbouring resident’s amenity and the application therefore accords with the principal determining criteria of the relevant development plan policies."

The planning permission was granted on Wednesday, June 8.