A WEM man will be taking on a 24-hour 'music-athon' to raise money for two charities, including one for motor neurone disease.

Guy Booth's wife Kelly was diagnosed with motor Neurone disease (MND) and he will be using the event to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease Association and Severn Hospice.

The event will take place on Friday, July 1 at 7pm in Wem Scout Hall in Bowensfield and continue to 7pm on Thursday, July 2.

Guy and Kelly have two daughters, Annabel and Imogen, and he said life has changed for everybody since she was diagnosed.

He added: "It is quite a bombshell chucked in the middle of the family really.

"Kelly cannot be left alone for about more than 30 minutes now.

"It has been that aggressive in its march thus far.

"I was in the military for just over 30 years as a musician, as a director of music.

"I am still linked as a reserve director of music to the artillery band based up in Bolton but I have had to step back from that work.

"I have had to step back from my music therapy; I work in a school called the Woodlands just outside of Wem.

"I am now basically full-time care for Kelly, life has changed for everybody."

The father of two said the family was outgoing but had become more inclined to remain at home and stay within themselves.

He added: "We were a very outward going family.

"We have become, Kelly and I in particular, very insular really because everything is focused on the home, survival within the home and appointments.

"That is what drove me to think what can I do which is going to be uplifting which we as a family can still do and then I can call upon my friends all over the UK and abroad.

"Musicians who would be willing to come on board with this idea of doing a charity fundraiser.

"Because we are now so linked to both charities, I just felt it would be a good thing to be able to try something for 24 hours and make music."

As well as raising money, Guy said he hopes the event will raise awareness of motor neurone disease.

He added: "Thankfully, we have got a lot of people already piling in and wanting to come along.

"It is growing nicely into what I think will be a really special event that hopefully will raise a lot of money, but clearly the awareness of the condition."

Funding details will be released closer to the event.