THERE was huge excitement for pupils in Wem last week as pupils got to see a helicopter land in the school grounds.

The helicopter, a training aircraft, is based at RAF Shawbury in North Shropshire.

But it made a stop-off at St Peter's Church of England Primary and Nursery School, on Wednesday, May 18.

Many of the pupils at the school have parents in the armed forces who are based at RAF Shawbury.

Louise Vickers, clerical assistant at the school said pupils enjoyed the experience.

She added: "It was a super day. We were very lucky to have them visiting us really.

"They [the pupils] all gathered to watch it land and take off."


The aircrew who came spoke to pupils about their experiences in the services.

Louise said it was the first visit from RAF Shawbury for a while.

She added: "They [the pupils] really loved it, they were all very excited.

"I have been here two years and it certainly has not happened while I have been here.

"Probably been about five years since we have had a helicopter here.

"We were very lucky to have them visit us."