PLANS to extend a Wem home have been approved despite receiving objections from town councillors.

The applicant wanted to build extensions at Red House on Fir Tree Lane.

But members of Wem Town Council said they felt the development would have a negative impact on neighbouring properties.

Town clerk Penny O'Hagan explained: "Wem Town Council objects to this application for the following reasons.

"The town council consider that the lay out and density of the proposed extensions are inappropriate for the size of the site.

"In addition to this the council considers that the proposals will have a negative impact on neighbouring properties through a loss of privacy, a loss of light and overshadowing of properties."

There were also four letters of objection from members of the public.

Issues raised included the density of development, reports of neighbourhood consultation letters and the fear that the new development would infringe on privacy.


However, Shropshire Council said it did not think the scale was excessive.

Tracy Darke, assistant director of economy and place for Shropshire Council, said: "The scale is not excessive, and the proposals limit the impact the proposed second floor extension could have should the applicants had proposed a standard two-storey extension.

"In light of this the case officer has no concerns over the siting and scale of the proposals.

"The design of the proposals is acceptable and match that of a typical two-storey dwelling, the materials proposed will match that of the original dwelling.

"Therefore, no concerns are raised in relation to the design and materials of the proposals."

Ms Darke concluded the plan was in keeping with the determining criteria.

She said: "The works are judged to be in scale and character with the original building and of no demonstrable harm in terms of visual impact.

"No significant harm is considered to arise to the neighbouring resident’s amenity and the application therefore accords with the principal determining criteria of the relevant development plan policies."

Planning permission was granted on Tuesday, May 17.