THE deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) of West Mercia Police has announced she will be stepping down from the role.

Tracey Onslow has served in the role for the last six years under current PCC John Campion.

Deputy PCC Onslow said she was proud of the work she had done including tackling domestic abuse and work around crime prevention.

She added: "When I think back over the last six years, I am proud of a number of moments.

"However, there are some projects that stand out, particularly around prevention, such as “Climb” which supports young people and “Drive” that tackles domestic abuse perpetrators.

"I am also proud of the work that has gone into improving victim services, such as introducing the Victims Advice Line, to ensure any victim of crime can access the support they need.

"I would like to thank John and the team for all the support they have shown to me during my time as Deputy PCC and I know they will continue to strive for a safer West Mercia for all our communities."

Mr Campion thanked Deputy PCC Onslow and said she should be proud of her legacy.

He added: "Over the last six years, Tracey has contributed a great deal from engaging with communities, being a strong voice for the public, to making a significant impact in making our three counties safer.

"Her legacy is one she should be proud of.

"While I’ll be sad to see Tracey leave her role, I wish her all the best with her future.

"I commend her for her service to the communities of West Mercia."

The process to recruit a new deputy police and crime commissioner will begin next week.