A WHITCHURCH businesswoman has been shortlisted for two major business awards and will be heading to London for the final in June.

The Vegan Cleaning Co Ltd is in the running in the Small Business of the Year category at the 2022 Business Green Awards and its chief executive officer, Flavia Maurri has been put forward for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Flavia said she was excited and called it a big step.

She said: "It is very exciting, I think it is a big step, we will see a lot of change happening soon."

The company was first set up in 2019 and became a limited company in 2020.

Flavia said she has received enquiries about her services from London and the US.

"We are so different, there is nothing like us,” she said. "We get enquiries from London, we have had an enquiry from California as well.

"Sustainability has become a massive thing nowadays and everyone is trying to do their best.

"I watched these people on the internet and they are using five different chemicals just to clean a toilet and the amount of stuff going into that drain is just not great."

Flavia said the products she uses are chemical free.

She explained: "All the products are vegan cruelty free, they are chemical free as well.

"We do not throw anything in the bin apart from the clients’ rubbish, the hoover bags are all reusable and washed. All the products are in glass bottles at the moment.

"We are refilling and have got a refill station at the back of headquarters. All the girls come and fill the stuff up so we are not chucking away plastic."

The company was previously hired to carry out work for TV presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Mr Llewelyn-Bowen was filming for a week in north Shropshire.

Flavia said: "We do get a lot of enquiries from London, so I got a phone call from Beyond Productions.

"He [Laurence] was filming in Oswestry and Ellesmere for My Lottery Dream Home.

"We were asked if we would be interested in coming over and cleaning the house before they actually filmed, so I said yes.

"I did meet him and we went for lunch with the cast, the crew and Laurence at the Boathouse in Ellesmere which was nice.

"He was a very nice man."