AN STEROID injection can combat hay fever for longer and better than over-the-counter medicines, according to a Shropshire-based private healthcare provider.

Summerfield Healthcare is urging people to consider a steroid injection that could help put hay fever at ease during the season, which traditionally runs from March to September.

Their advice comes after Allergy Awareness Week where the struggles that people face during allergy season have been highlighted.

According to Mike Knill, from Summerfield Healthcare, although over-the-counter medicine is available in pharmacies, the injection will be more affective and longer lasting.

He added: “Hay fever is usually at its worst when the pollen count is at its highest, normally between the end of March and September.

“Hay fever symptoms vary from mild to severe but an injection to combat the suffering is becoming increasingly popular as the treatment choice by more and more people- providing lasting protection for the whole summer.”

He also estimates that one in four people in the UK will be affected, with around 16 million people that will suffer.

He continued: “It can have an effect on our home life, social activity and interfere with our working efficiency.

"Available in the form of an injection, the anti-inflammatory medication is really powerful but very quick and simple, and it only needs to be done once, unlike the sprays, tables and drops that people have to take constantly.

“Symptoms can come and go but for some the misery remains for the whole season ”

The injection is accessible at Summerfield Healthcare clinics around Shropshire.

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