WEAPON owners are being invited to surrender them to police as part of a campaign to get them off the street.

West Mercia Police announced the scheme will be running from Thursday, May 12 to Sunday, May 29 to give owners the opportunity to hand them over.

The scheme is to prevent firearms and ammunition being used in criminal activity and people who own illegal weapons, like rapid firing rifles, specific types of knives and ammunition are being urged to hand them into police stations.

Chief inspector Sarah Corteen of West Mercia Police said the force recognised some people had legitimate reasons to own firearms and would ensure licensed weapons were used correctly.

She added: "Thankfully gun crime is not a significant issue in West Mercia but we will continue to work hard to keep weapons out of our communities.

"We work closely with our partners and the public and it is vital we reduce opportunities for weapons and ammunition to be used in criminal activity.

"Some people of course have a legitimate reason to own a firearm and we continue to ensure licensed firearms can be used appropriately and safely.

"But previous campaigns have demonstrated that others own unregistered firearms and while they may not be being used, they do have potential to fall into the wrong hands.

"Every gun given up is one fewer that criminals could use."

You can contact West Mercia Police by visiting https://www.westmercia.police.uk/ro/report/