CARE home residents in Whitchurch have been exploring the wildlife of Africa thanks to a pioneering university partnership.

Greenfields in Liverpool Road is part of Coverage Care and has been working closely with the University of Wolverhampton to see if the headsets benefit residents in the care home.

The operators hope it will benefit those being nursed in bed.

A spokesman for Greenfields said: "We are currently working with the University of Wolverhampton to see if they will be any benefit to our residents living here.

"Particularly for those who are nursed in bed and even people who are able to go out with their families, just to give them the escape of being able to stand in a field and watch the deer.

"There is another scene where you can walk along a beach or go on a safari in Africa, it is all very realistic."

People from the university came to visit and see if the care home would be interested.

The spokesman said: "It is nice to have that escape really particularly if you are nursed in bed towards the last days of your life to be able to have the feeling or sensation of standing in a field or in an environment you once enjoyed.

"It is quite a nice feeling, so that will be ongoing over the coming months.

"The university will gather the results and the residents will fill out a questionnaire about anxiety and they will bill out a questionnaire to see if there has been benefit.

"It is something we are going to look into purchasing for the home for the foreseeable future."