A WHITCHURCH supermarket is awaiting confirmation from Shropshire Council about it can cut back hedges to the rear of its store.

An application has been made to Shropshire Council on behalf of the Sainsbury's store, in London Road, to be cut back hawthorn hedges at the back of the store.

In the application form to the council, the supermarket business says the hedges need to be cut back up to 1.5 metres to stop them moving closer to the store.

The application states: "Hawthorne hedge row with lime trees dotted down this line at the rear of site that require to be cut back to fence line by 1-1.5m as overgrowing and touching building behind the store."

The application was accepted by Shropshire Council midway through April and planning officers now have until Thursday, June 9 to make a decision.

The application comes as part of the land the trees occupy is protected by the former North Shropshire District Council.