PLANNING, policing and the Jubilee was on the agenda as Wem Town Council held its monthly meeting.

It was held in Edinburgh House, New Street on Thursday, April 28, where recent planning applications by Wem residents were discussed by the town councillors.

Deputy mayor, Councillor Geoff Soul, said he was concerned by extensions to an existing dwelling and proposed the town council objected.

He added: "Looking at that gives me some concern, it is a substantial extension.

"All the neighbours are complaining, the windows are facing down.

"There are complaints about loss of privacy.

"It seems the neighbours have some reason, that is my personal view.

"I would propose we object over loss of privacy, loss of light and inappropriate for the area."

The town council voted to object to the proposal.

Also discussed during the meeting was policing matters, with burglary being made a third priority on the policing charter alongside speeding and anti-social behaviour.

Councillors heard the town has a low crime rate, but some burglaries have occurred, and Cllr Edward Towers said being a victim affects people.

He said: "Burglary really affects people, particularly older people, it is horrible."

Wem mayor, Cllr Peter Broomhall, added: "We are a low crime area, but the older generation worry about crime."

The council voted to make burglary the third priority.

The Steering Groups for the Jubilee and Cllr Broomhall confirmed the group will hold a meeting on Tuesday, May 10 to discuss plans to celebrate the 70 years the Queen has reigned.

Councillors also raised issues which they felt needed to be on the agenda at the next meeting.

Cllr Phil Glover said he wanted to discuss the ambulance service in Shropshire because of delays faced by patients.

He said: "I want to raise the issue of response times from ambulances.

"I know someone whose husband had a four hour wait.

"There do not seem to be many first responders.

"I wondered if we could have a discussion of get in touch?"

Cllr Broomhall said it was something to put on a future agenda and give Wem Town Council the chance to engage with other towns.