AN AUCTION is going to be held at a Whitchurch auctioneers.

Public viewing took place on Monday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 26 in Trevanion Auctioneers and Valuers, The Joyce Building, Station Road and room bidding will be offered on an appointment basis on Wednesday, April 27.

A 19th century diamond and enamel mourning ring is one of the items on display.

A spokesman for Trevanion Auctioneers and Valuers said commemorating loved ones with jewellery goes back to ancient times.

He added: "The practice of commemorating deceased loved ones with jewellery dates back to the Roman period, but came to particular prominence in the 18th century.


"Examples from this period are usually decorated in black, white and blue enamels and incorporate precious gemstones to immortalize their subject.

"This classic example features a lidded urn set with rose cut diamonds against a royal blue ground.

"These jewels commemorate those who left too soon and those, as many mourning pieces are inscribed, that are gone but not forgotten."

You can find the full catalogue by clicking here.