POTENTIAL harm to the character and appearance of Whitchurch's town centre conservation area has led to Shropshire Council refusing permission for new doors and windows at Colour Supplies.

The Mill Street-based business submitted a proposal in February to replace existing windows and doors on the elevation fronting with low-profile timber effect UPVC.

In its proposal, the company said the changes would 'provide superior longevity, thermal performance and security when compared to the existing windows and doors' and 'resolve the ongoing maintenance issues currently experienced at the property'.

The planning application from Base Architects, on behalf of Colour Supplies, also stated the existing windows and doors are in a 'sate of disrepair' with one boarded up.

However, Shropshire Council planning officer Richard Denison said not enough details was supplied by Alan Harding for Colour Supplies.

He added: "Insufficient information has been submitted to indicate that the proposed replacement windows and doors, by reason of the profiles and section of their component parts in the flush fitting UPVC material proposed, would not replicate the proportions of the existing front elevation windows and doors which are considered to make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the Whitchurch town centre conservation area.

"The resultant harm to the character and appearance of this non-designated heritage asset set within the conservation area is not outweighed by any public benefits."

Mr Denison also explained that Colour Supplies is based in an existing historic building, just one of a number of different buildings used by the company.

And he acknowledged that there is a need for the windows and doors to be replaced but called for more details.

He added: "Officers support the need to replace the existing windows and doors and that in some circumstances high quality UPVC systems can be a good alternative to timber.

However, in sufficient information has been submitted to support this application in relation to what parts of the shop frontage will actually be replaced and what the exact windows and door details including frames, cills and glazing bars will be used.

"An application should be submitted with accurate scaled existing and proposed elevations of the shop frontage with manufactures details of the exact windows and doors which will be used.

"Unfortunately, this application cannot be supported at this point in time."