POLICE have taken down a makeshift ‘drugs den’ in Whitchurch following reports from members of the public.

Two officers from Whitchurch Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT ) closed the site, which they believe is being used by teenagers on Wednesday, April 13.

PSCO Hannah Lister said a knife was found.

She added: "Not to be the fun police but today myself and PCSO Andrew have been out to this make shift drugs den in Whitchurch.

"After reports from concerned members of the public we have found the below.

"Although impressive and I commend the ingenuity, this is being used by teenagers to take drugs in.

"There was clear evidence of continued drug use along with the amount of litter and the knife we found, that has now thankfully been taken off the street.

"Do you know what your children are doing and where they are going?

"This has now been taken down and the council informed to come and collect the rubbish left."