A WHITCHURCH Tesco delivery driver has launched his own address-finding app after experiencing difficulties when doing his job.

Spencer Taylor struggled to find in addresses on routes which he said caused him to stress, particularly when he was driving in the dark and found he was wasting time and fuel.

Spencer, who worked in the software industry for nearly four decades has created the Driver Address Look-Up System (DALUS) app.

He said the app will help consumers with its accuracy.

Spencer said: "I understand the expectations and limitations of drivers, I am still working as one.

"It has given me the perfect opportunity to review and test the app.

"When drivers are rushed, mistakes can easily be made, and that accelerator pedal may get pressed a little harder.

"I know the feeling of making a delivery drop in a limited time frame.

"DALUS is about more than just safety and accuracy.

"It makes you feel like you’ve got time and who doesn’t want a little more of that?"

In order to produce the new app, Spencer joined up with Ruben Riano, a software engineer from Bristol and Garry Martin, an NHS service delivery manager from Croydon.

Spencer explained: "We use seven databases to give the most accurate positioning of an address.

"The location information is screened and updated regularly to ensure the best customer experience for accuracy.

"In addition, the DALUS app gives drivers the ability to add further information to a record about the property, to share details about hazards, things to look out for to help identify a property, directions and they can even add a picture as well as other notices.

"This information can help save accidents or vehicles getting stuck, as you can add a note like single track lane or an icon indicating no access for large vehicles.

"And in an emergency, it can get you directly to a property, not just a road where your satnav could be telling you it’s on the left, yet the house numbers make no sense."

For more information about DALUS visit www.dalustechnologies.com

To view or download the app, search DALUS on the Apple app store at apps.apple.com or on Android at play.google.com