MORE than 700 cases linked to the Shropshire maternity scandal are still being investigated by West Mercia Police.

Detective Chief Superintendent Damian Barratt, who is leading the investigation – also known as Operation Lincoln – confirmed 823 cases had been identified, including four which have occurred since 2019.

He also confirmed 122 cases have been reviewed and there is insufficient evidence to progress them any further.

The update came on Wednesday after the release of the Ockenden Review into the scandal.

The police investigation is looking at whether there is a criminal case against Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust or any individuals involved.

Det Ch Sup Barratt said: “From the outset the police investigation has been working closely with the Independent Review, the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital Trust and with families.


"As a result we have identified 823 cases, dated between October 2003 (the formation of the Trust) and the present date that we wanted to examine. Included in the 823 cases are four cases that have occurred since 2019.

“Out of that 823 cases mentioned 701 remain an active part of our investigation. 122 have been reviewed and a decision has been made that there is insufficient evidence for us to progress these cases any further. The affected families have been informed of this decision and have been offered continued support from our dedicated family liaison team.

“The scope of a police investigation differs from that of an independent review and there are parameters and thresholds around what can, and cannot, be included in a criminal investigation. Therefore, as we continue to the review cases, the final number included in our investigation will differ and is likely to be significantly less than this 701.

“We have been, and remain, committed to ensuring that every possible potential case is fully reviewed, and the families involved fully informed as our investigation progresses. They deserve nothing less.

“Our investigation remains active with a focused and dedicated team and we make a promise to the families, to the Telford and Shrewsbury communities and to the wider public that we will keep you informed as the investigation progresses.”

If any families have concerns around their specific involvement they can contact Operation Lincoln through the Major Incident Public Portal