THE MP for North Shropshire has urged the Government to do more to tackle the ongoing ambulance crisis in Shropshire.

Helen Morgan spoke at a debate held in the House of Commons on Thursday and highlighted the hundreds of examples of ambulance delays not only in Shropshire, but across the UK.

Ms Morgan has repeatedly asked the Health Secretary for a meeting to discuss health issues in her constituency.

She told the House: "I want to start by making it clear that I am not here to criticise the hard-working and dedicated NHS staff in our ambulance services and emergency departments.

"Indeed I want to thank them for their incredibly hard work in difficult and demotivating circumstances.


"But there is clearly a problem in the provision of emergency care in Shropshire, with complex causes, and I want to bring it before this house to urge the government to take action.

"It was clear throughout my election campaign, and from my inbox since then, that stories of excessive waits for an ambulance were not a rarity. I have since urged my constituents to contact me and share their experiences.

"My office has been met with a tidal wave of correspondence, each story as saddening and frightening as the last."

Ms Morgan also noted the problems surrounding the ambulance crisis, including a chronic lack of funding and a handover problem at the hospital.

And she implored Sajid Javid to commission the CQC to investigate the reasons behind ambulance delays.

She said: "For far too many in parts of Britain, waiting hours for an ambulance to arrive has become normal.

"Of course, the problems surrounding the ambulance waiting time crisis are complex and there isn’t a simple quick fix.

"However, there are consistent themes at the core of the issue. It is vital that we recognise them if we are to work out how we move on."

Ms Morgan added: "I’d like to use this opportunity again, to urge the Minister to meet with me and discuss the crisis. To hear the first-hand accounts of those left waiting in distress. So that together, we can come to a solution.

"I have no doubt that everyone across this house, including those on the Government benches want to ensure that people at their most vulnerable are kept safe, and I welcome the additional £55 million of support for ambulance services that was recently announced.

"I do fear however, that this money simply doesn’t go far enough, or that it will not spent in the areas where it is most needed."