A TOP boss at West Mercia Police has said that any investigation into the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust (SaTH) is still ongoing, ahead of the release a report into its maternity failings.

The Ockenden Report into the maternity failings at SaTH is released this week, and is expected to have a number of wide reaching implications on the Trust and midwifery.

Detective Chief Superintendent Damian Barratt, from West Mercia Police, said that his force has been working with authors of the report to ascertain what, if any, criminal charges may be brought against the trust.

He said: "We have been liaising closely with the Ockenden Report and are, of course, aware that it is due for release this week.

“We launched an investigation in 2017 to explore whether there is evidence to support a criminal case against the Trust or any individuals involved and this investigation remains ongoing.

“This is a highly complex and very sensitive investigation that has required us to speak to a large number of people to gather as much information as we can.

"We are also consulting with a number of medical specialists to ensure our investigation is thorough and that the best possible investigation is completed for the families involved.

“No arrests have been made and no charges have been brought however we are engaging with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as our enquiries continue.

“Our thoughts remain with the families affected, and we can reassure the community that when there is an update on our investigation we will share this with the families involved first and foremost and then to the wider public."

The final report, following an interim release in 2020, is expected to be published on Wednesday, March 30.