Meal deals at supermarkets are a quick and easy solution to lunch if you don't have much time on your hands.

Much debate has been raised on what the best combinations are to get, but the price is also a big talking point too.

This was seen back in February when Tesco upped the price of their standard meal deal by 50p to £3.50, with the caveat that Clubcard holders could keep onto the £3 price.

Therefore it might be on people's minds what the cheapest meal deal can actually be found in UK supermarkets.

The consumer watchdog Which? did some research to find out, rounding up the major UK supermarkets.

Whitchurch Herald: Various supermarkets have their own meal deal prices (PA)Various supermarkets have their own meal deal prices (PA) (Image: PA)

Which UK supermarket does the cheapest meal deal?

  • Asda - Between £3 and £5 with cheapest item for free
  • Boots - £3.59 or £4.19 (selected London shops airports)
  • Co-op - £3.75
  • Morrisons - £3
  • Sainsbury's - £3.50
  • Tesco - £3.50 (or £3 with Clubcard)

Therefore Morrisons is the cheapest place to get a meal deal at £3 with any extra caveats of needing an in-store Clubcard.

Meanwhile, Asda's price depends on what the lowest-cost item is which is why there is variation in the price.

Which? say on this: "At Asda, which offers three items for the price of two, most sandwiches cost around £2.25 while a drink costs anything between £1 and £2.50 – so the snack will usually be the lowest-priced item that you get for free."

To see the full research from Which? on the number of menu items in each supermarket's meal deal and more, visit their page here.