THE MP for Eddisbury has encouraged Cheshire Constabulary to apply for Government funds which will be used to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

Edward Timpson hopes the force will bid for a share of the £150 million funding which is part of the Safer Street's Fund.

Mr Timpson said this round of Safer Street funding will be used to tackle violence against women and girls.

He said: "I am determined to see crime in our county fall, which is why I am encouraging Cheshire Constabulary to apply for new funding from the fourth round of our Safer Streets Fund.

"The focus of this round of the Safer Streets Fund on neighbourhood crime, violence against women and girls, and anti-social behaviour means that, combined with the reassuring presence of 20,000 new police officers we are recruiting across England and Wales, everyone can feel safe in their local community.


"This is another important step in our mission to level up the country and build back safer from the pandemic."

The Crime, Policing and Probation Minister, Kit Malthouse added: "As well as being tough on criminals, we need to outsmart them where we can, preventing their crimes.

"The Safer Streets Fund does exactly that, giving neighbourhoods the money, they need to ‘target harden’ their homes and streets, outfoxing villains and making them think twice before offending.

"We want everyone to feel safe in public space, and as we build safer streets, town by town, I hope that we can restore pride, alongside safety, as something people value about where they live."

The Government has already provided £70m as part of the Safer Streets Fund.