A MAN who stole high-valued GPS navigation systems from tractors in Cheshire has been jailed for more than two years.

Mantas Dvareckas, 25, of Granville Road, Great Yarmouth was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment at Chester Crown Court on Friday 18 March.

He had plead guilty.

The court heard that at sometime between October 10-11, 2021, four tractors equipped with GPS navigation systems, worth around £30,000, were targeted at a farming business in the south of Cheshire – believed to be in the area around Crewe to the Shropshire border at Whitchurch.

The systems are used by farmers and contractors in order to improve accuracy and productivity in their work.

Three of the tractors had been forced into with the screen of the GPS system taken and the wires to the tablet cut.

Police were called and a forensic examination of the scene took place, and following further tests, DNA was found on one of the door handles of the tractor.

This DNA was matched to Dvareckas who was subsequently arrested and charged with theft.

Detective Constable Andrew Street, of Cheshire Constabulary’s Rural Crime Team, said Dvareckas's conviction was proof of how hard his team works.

He said: “The conviction and sentencing of Dvareckas to two and a half years demonstrates the determination of the police and the CPS to bring him to justice.

“During questioning, Dvareckas offered no explanation as to why his DNA was found at the scene and denied attending the premises – expecting his criminality to go undetected and unpunished.

“However, thanks to forensics and dedicated team of officers, we have been able to bring him before the courts.

“This crime has a huge impact on rural and farming communities – not only affecting livelihoods but also hindering subsequent work at farms.

“These people target GPS equipment to sell it on and would urge that anyone who is looking at buying this equipment to take photographs of serial numbers and check with the manufacturer that it is not recorded as stolen.”