Under-25s could be banned from buying cigarettes in England under new plans to stop Brits smoking.

In the government’s bid to make the country smoke free, Javed Khan, former CEO of Barnardo’s is leading a new anti-smoking review.

Mr Khan is considering a ban on the sale of cigarettes to under 25s similar to tat in New Zealand.

Mr Khan will report his findings next month in a report commissioned by Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

There are an estimated six million smokers in England and in 2019 the Office for National Statistics recorded 64,000 deaths frm smoking.

Smoking age could be raised to 25 under new plans

Speaking to The Times, Mr Khan said: “We are thinking seriously about the age of sale.”

In New Zealand, anyone born after 2008 won’t be able to buy tobacco products leading Khan to consider an argument for “raising the age to 19, 20, 21, or even 25”.

Looking at the way influencers helped with the jab rollout throughout the pandemic, Mr Khan suggested that could be another way to stop people smoking.

He said: “Just look at the Covid experience, mass marketing has a big effect, it really works. 

“The government went hell for leather, it made an enormous difference in vaccination rates.”

Mr Khan added: “I am very pleased to be leading this review into such an important area of public health.

“My independent findings will help highlight key interventions which can help the government achieve its ambitions to be smoke-free by 2030 and tackle health disparities.”