A POLICE officer has been sacked from the force covering north Shropshire for using his work phone to enter premium rate radio competitions.

West Mercia Police officer PC Oliver Dines was dismissed on Tuesday, March 8 after a hearing, chaired by the force's chief constable Pippa Mills, which the student officer used his work mobile phone on various occasions to enter premium SMS radio competitions.

The incidents, which took place between June 1 and August 23, 2021, cost the force £255.46.

The hearing concluded PC Dines' actions breached the standards of professional behaviour for honesty and integrity.

Chief Constable Mills said: "It would have been clear that every entry to the competition was at the taxpayer’s expense, totalling more than £255.46.

"Honesty and integrity is not negotiable for a police officer.

"Police officers are expected to act with honesty and integrity in everything they do, and this was clearly lacking in PC Dines' behaviour.

"I am committed to taking whatever action is needed to make sure that West Mercia Police is a force that the public can trust and be proud of."