SPRING is upon us once again, the tender age in bloom.

The signs are there, the snowdrops are growing, newly born lambs frolic across the countryside and nests are now returning to the trees.

Who knows when the first lawn cut of the year will take place but you can be confident it will take place sometime in the next fortnight.

Then it will officially be spring.

This spring will be different to the last two in that we will be able to leave our homes and hopefully live without most of the restrictions which have so impacted so many since the onset of the pandemic.

However now the world is facing a new threat as Russia marches west on Ukraine and starting the first major war in Europe for three decades.

When future generations comes to learn about the last few years in their history lessons it is likely many will run out of ink in their highlighter pens - such has been the massive events to have taken place since the world was plunged into crisis in March 2020.

Throughout the camera club has provided an invaluable public service.

Through sharing pictures of the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us we are all reminded of what is waiting for us outdoors and the precious things worth protecting in an increasingly uncertain world.

Thanks to each for their contributions and keep on raising our spirits in the anxious weeks and months ahead.