Whitchurch residents have expressed their anger after a fence was left blocking access to their flats .

The fence was blown over during Storm Eunice, which along with Storm Dudley and Storm Franklin, has battered north Shropshire and the UK over the last seven days.

Residents are frustrated the fence has not been moved and say it is affecting local people, many of whom are young families with young children.

Local resident, Ben Marsden said there had been a dispute between the landlord and the council as to who is responsible for the movement of the tree.

He added: "The fence has come down.

"The council are claiming it is the landlord's and the landlord is claiming it's the council's.

"We have got a couples in our block. You have got babies and children with prams.

"It doesn't appear to have been even sorted out."

Whitchurch Herald: The fence panel blocking the path.The fence panel blocking the path.

Ben had tried to contact both Whitchurch Town Council and Shropshire Council but had been unable to get through to either.

He says the fence is also heavy which meant it was it was difficult for the residents to move.

Ben added: "It doesn't even appear to have been sorted out.

"I tried Whitchurch Town Council but that is pointless.

"You can't get hold of anybody because there is no staff in.

"You can't get hold of Shropshire Council even though we have sent emails.

"Not had a reply.

"It is so heavy, it is something that unfortunately we won't be able to lift ourselves.

"It weighs a ton."

The fencing had first become loose during Storm Dudley before eventually blowing over during Storm Eunice.

They had experienced storms before but it was the first time they had been really affected by a February winter storm with blown debris blocking the footpath.

Ben said: "Nothing has really affected us on the steps there.

"It is the first time really, it has affected us.

"Somebody needs to sort it out really."

Whitchurch Town Council were asked about the fence blocking the path.

A spokesperson said: "We will go and check and see if it is blocking the footpath.

"If it is we will obviously have to move it."