WELL what a week it has been.

A week of heavy wind and rain and even snow in some areas has meant the region’s already creaking transport infrastructure gave way.

In some places roads were closed and rail services ground to a halt on some parts of the network.

Of course the weather has always been a source of conversation and fascination among many British people.

Perhaps it is because traditionally our weather is so bland that anything out of the ordinary becomes a topic for discussion.

Often this will lead people to remember past floods or clean up operations and compare the latest storm to those of the past.

However one thing cannot be denied.

These extreme storms are becoming all the more regular and certainly something has changed.

Some have suggested this is the impact of climate change while others have pointed to the fact many traditional woodlands meant to trap undersoil water have been removed.

The worst of the weather appears to have passed us by – for now, at least – but not before our ever-reliable group of Camera Club photographers got out there and found these beautiful images of nature stretching and emerging from its weather-beaten lockdown.

Stay safe and follow the latest travel advice before venturing to our great outdoors.