CHESHIRE'S Police and Crime Commissioner has praised his force for a reduction in neighbourhood offences.

For the 12 months ending December 2021, Cheshire Constabulary recorded 6,087 crimes ­- which is a nine per cent reduction on the same period ending 2020 - much to the delight of John Dwyer.

Neighbourhood crime includes burglary, robbery, theft and vehicle offences.

Mr Dwyer said: "I am extremely pleased with the reduction in neighbourhood crimes.

"Although, some of the coronavirus measures put in place to keep people safe can be attributed to the decrease, the effective and efficient use of resources by the constabulary to target these crimes has helped to make the county safer."

One of the measures the police implemented was "Operation Shield" which provides residents the tools to mark their property and belongings.

SelectaDNA forensic coding is placed on items, meaning this marking can only be seen using a UV light.

Once items are recovered, they are selected for SelectaDNA and if present the items can be returned to their owners.

Mr Dwyer added: "The proactive action taken by the constabulary to tackle these abhorrent crimes, such as using the UV marking deterrent, has seen a decrease in this type of crime.

"But I know there is always more to do.

"By implementing both proactive and reactive policing, the residents of Cheshire can be reassured that all steps are being taken to make the county as safe as it can possibly be."